Welcome to the 5th Installment of the S.G. Wellness Program:


We pride ourselves on getting the best physical results out of any program out there whilst maintaining focus on overall wellbeing.


This program runs from the 10th of May till the 21st of June.


  • 6 LIVE 45 min fitness sessions each week run by me from mon-sat beginning at 6:30am Syd time
  • 5 LIVE 30 min Mindfulness/Recovery/Core Sessions run by me mon - thurs & Sun inclusive at 6:30pm
  • 11 LIVE Sessions per week over 6 Weeks
  • 2 Separate meal plans included which are flexible to your dietary requirements.
  • Access to an ultra supportive warrior community chat group
  • Optional access to a Mental Health chat group run by Jannette of Pathway to mindfulness
  • Inclusive starter pack: with S.G. Wellness gym towell, gym bag, rubber bracelet, and (optional 1000mg bottle of Cannaactiveplus CBD Oil). If not required discount offered on sale price.
  • Accountability: we keep each other accountable with a buddy system and weekly setting of intentions. How many LIVE sessions do you intend to be at each week. What are your small weekly goals. These are the questions asked before commencement of each week and a team of buddies and myself holding you accountable.
  • We have fun!!! I make sure that the client/trainer barrier is broken down. I ensure a safe comfortable environment whilst also working you to the level you can manage.
  • I am there literally every step of the way with you, training with you, looking after you and if that's not enough, you have the guidance and support of my program captain Sophie Sellers. Literally a  guru and there to answer any questions you may have. 


We are all in this together. Step by step. Whether you want to lose weight, start eating more healthily, allocate some healthy time for you each day, make some new friends, work on your self-love/self - care..... it's all achievable in this program. In 6 weeks you will have the tools to embrace and carry forward a sustainable, healthy lifestyle!!!


(NO REFUND POLICY: It can be daunting starting a new health journey. For this reason members have attempted to pull out last minute before starting. No one has requested a refund from this program after this point unless changes in time zones or for family emergencies. Because I know how amazing this program is and what it does for people there are no last-minute refund policies in place.)


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$389.96Sale Price

    Sebastian Guilhaus
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