Welcome to the 4th 'S.G Wellness' Program. 


The 'Me Time' program will run for 6 weeks from the 15th of March to the 1st of May. 


This program is like nothing else you may have tried before with LIVE fitness sessions in the morning and Mindfulness/Recovery sessions in the evening. 


  • 11 Live sessions in total per week, morning sessions starting at 6:30am Syd time and evening sessions 6:30pm Syd Time. 
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: An SG Wellness Google Sheet is required to be filled before every week. Set your intention.... how many LIVE sessions will you attend.... what are your goals...... I will be taking attendance at every session to help keep you accountable, but it starts with you. 
  • 2 Different meal plans offered as part of the package, one very detailed, and one more basic for the time poor. 
  • All sessions are recorded so if for some reason you can't make the LIVE session, you can always chase up and do the session when time permits. 
  • Be a part of the SG Wellness Community!!! The previous programs have been so successful because we have a super strong, positive culture........ a big group of like-minded people all wanting to get the best out of themselves and others.  
  • Sessions are for all fitness levels and all ages!!! I make sure that each exercise has three levels of intensity, beginner, intermediate and advanced so no matter where you are you can make a start. 
  • NO PRESSURE.... if you are intimidated by zoom you can always turn off your video and just watch me and the others until you feel safe within the group. 
  • Saturday morning dance sessions - we make sure we celebrate our good work by putting on a dance session on saturday mornings. 
  • On-Board Counsellor Jannette Conway runs a mental health chat for all those who would like to share anything. 
  • The closed group social chat is a safe place to get to know other warriors and is the pulse of the program. 


This program is about setting aside time for you. Time to look after your mental and physical health with the support of others. We Got You, and You Got You :) 

The S.G. Wellness 'Me Time' Program


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