The first ten people who sign up for the 6-week challenge will receive a Wellness Warriors starter pack valued at $99, which will contain a workout mat, t-shirt, gym towel, and gym bag…. Secondly… before the challenge starts, I will hold a Zoom meeting with everyone. This will be a relaxed introduction where I can answer any more questions you have and ensure times all suit and everyone has a handle on the Zoom platform. I will be sending everyone an email with the Zoom meeting link 30 minutes prior so you have time to prepare. Once everyone is happy with the fluency of the daily system, we are ready to go.

Our work zone will be predominately Monday to Friday, with a workout 6:30 am and 6:30 pm each day (these times can be adjusted depending on majority rules). We will also have a workout Saturday morning, with Sunday being a rest day. The workouts will vary, with a 30 to 60-second work zone followed by varying rest periods where we will dance/shuffle/jiggle about rather than remaining still.

On the first day of the challenge, I will be creating an Instagram chat group. This is a space where we can get to know each other better and I can answer any questions. You can also reach me individually via email or by phone. Remember, I believe in community, I believe in teamwork, I believe in positivity and real investment, so I will be monitoring all mediums along with the in-class progress to see who will be the challenge winner!!! We will also have the opportunity to go live together on my Instagram platform and we can have discussions about how we are going and answer any questions my following might have (of course this is totally optional).

I will be adjusting the workload week by week. At the very start, it may seem like quite a lot. Remember to work hard and be diligent but also listen to your body. I will be emphasizing good technique in session but I will not be pushing you past your limits. This is a beginner’s challenge, this is a safe space, this is the start of your journey. I want you to be empowered, I want you to have a structure and the tools to charge forward once our training finishes. On top of this every Sunday we will check in hopefully via a 5-minute phone call. Let me know what’s happening, where you are at, how you are feeling.

I believe in the effectiveness of this program. If you would like to see what Adam Morelli, Sophie Sellers, Keera Adele, Rachael Collins, and Cheridan Hillyard have achieved over the last few months on their own since finishing training with me, I think it will blow your mind, not to mention the current warriors of challenge 1. We have an ongoing chat group and we are all admins on the Sgwellnesswarriors Instagram page. The winner of the upcoming challenge will also become an admin and will have the opportunity to contribute their heart and soul on that platform. Sometimes we all just need a boost, guidance, structure, and some tools.

I have purchased a diet plan from the amazing Lara Gya (laralive2lift) for all of us to follow for the 6-week period valued at $300.00. It is essential that we do not waiver. I know addiction to sugar and other processed foods is very real. We will need to be strong and find alternatives to snack on. Remember our bodies ‘fuel’ is a humongous factor that determines how we perform on every level.


Now…. We can’t have a challenge without prizes…. Well technically the start of your journey is the prize but there’s nothing wrong with a little extra incentive. So there will be a $1000 first prize, $500 cash, $500 of mystery value and $500 second prize, $250 cash and $250 mystery.
Okay, so let's talk about costs. $55 weekly direct debit or $300 total upfront.


Here is a breakdown of value:

• 11 live stream workouts per week with me.
• A diet plan valued at $300
• A starter pack valued at $99
• Weekly check ins
• Access to warrior group chat support network
• Chance to go live and express your experience over my platform
• Chance at winning $1500 in prizes
• My undying diligence in ensuring the experience is positive, safe and empowering.

I’m very excited about this. My heart and soul has been searching for the appropriate outlet and I feel this program will nourish me by nourishing you. LET’S DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SG Wellness Warrior Challenge No.2

$700.00 Regular Price
$300.00Sale Price
Price Options
One-time purchase
6 Week Subscription
$55.00weekly/ 6 weeks

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