Live Stream Challenges

Live Stream Challenges




6:30am & 6:30pm 5 times a week and a session on Saturday morning. 

I wish to create a safe space for like-minded people to exercise and feel part of something. With everything that's happening in the world atm, our daily routines/daily structures have been thrown out of whack. Now more than ever we need to try and implement constants in a world that keeps throwing out surprises. 

These constants are exercise, community, expression, daily challenges, healthy eating, mindfulness, goal setting. I will be on this journey with you every step of the way. 

a 45 minute live morning session and 30 minute night time session 5 days a week with a Saturday morning class. We will be in touch throughout the entire process and you can feel safe to express yourself in a dedicated, closed Instagram chat group. 

Self-love is the base of my belief system. It's time you did something for you. Lets jump on a call and i can tell you more. 

Seb :). 


"I've lost 20kg from training with Seb! I absolutely love it. He makes me laugh, have fun and forget that I'm actually exercising!"