Self-love is the base, health and fitness are the toppings

I believe we need to look after ourselves, mind, body and soul. If we don't love ourselves how can we be expected to love others and share our gifts with the world. In my group challenges, I want clients to develop a love of themselves through honoring self commitments and nourishing their bodies. A good friend of mine Drew Brauer once stated, 'there's no use having a 6 pack on the outside if you don't have one on the inside.' haha well as cliche as that may sound there is no doubt that there are many facets to well being. Exercise, healthy eating, community, expression, goal setting, mind-set awareness, habit forming just to name a few. This is what i'm about and this is what you'll find if you train with me. Flick me an email and i'll tell you more :) 

About Me

I spent many years wandering from industry to industry in search of who I was and what I was passionate about. I came to the conclusion that I love people, I love making them smile and I love wellness.


I have been described as alien or hugely eccentric, standing at 6'6" and looking like a stereotypical ‘jock’ but who can be seen dancing like Peter Garret or relishing in an opportunity to delve into ‘real’ conversations about life. I’m definitely someone who is difficult to pigeon hole.


Fitness has done so much for my mental and physical health and that’s why I have aligned myself with it. It definitely enriches my life in so many ways but it pales in comparison to my need to understand, communicate, be open-minded and connect with people. My life and who I am as a person is about ‘fitness' but more so ‘wellness.'


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"I've lost 20kg from training with Seb! I absolutely love it. He makes me laugh, have fun and forget that I'm actually exercising!"

- Jack